Welcome to BevSell

BevSell makes the process of buying Point of Sale Material as simple and effective as possible for Beverage Marketing and Procurement Managers.

We offer an incredibly wide range of high quality, cost effective Point of Sale Material, Branded Merchandise, and Premiums.

Almost any item can be developed to your exact needs easily and competitively.

BevSell has extensive experience producing :

Product is shipped from the factory direct to your warehouse.

BevSell- Mission Statement

Simplify the process for Beverage Industry Marketing and Procurement Professionals to develop and purchase Point of Sale Material, Branded Merchandise, Premiums and other marketing material as easily, quickly and competitively as possible.

BevSell – supplier to global brands and craft producers

BevSell is a division of QPILtd (QPI), which has been supplying major multinationals in the beverage industry directly, as well as through 3rd party Promotional Companies, Advertising Agencies, etc

BevSell was established to better serve the Beverage Sector Directly. We have the capacity to supply large established brands, and the dedication needed to work though details even for smaller craft suppliers.

If you need product to launch your new brand, or you are planning your special seasonal promotion, we would like to assist you.

If you are the person who needs to “get the job done” developing or buying promotional product, we can assist you in Marketing, Procurement, Brand Activation, On Premise, Off Premise, Retail, Travel – Duty Free, etc…

BevSell – some things that what we are good at:

Anyone can produce the easy orders, we can certainly do that competitively and competently.

Years of experience in product development and working with Asian factories means BevSell has a skill set beyond most suppliers.

Some other things that we can do well that many factories find challenging are listed below.

Slightly difficult products that do not fit neatly in one category

BevSell excels at developing and producing product that is a little too complicated for most factories.

Our development team is familiar with many production disciplines including inflatable, electrical, electronics, plastics, metals, molding, complex fabrication, composites, electroluminescent, eInk, ePaper, etc.

We have experience in brining different manufacturing methods together to produce one product, such as a “bottle glorifier” fabricated with acrylic & / or timber & / or metal, with led illuminating the bottles and electroluminescent providing “video like” eye catching effects on the front.

…you want something turning in or on the display?

….how about motion sensors that make the back bar display “respond” as people move past it?

Great, we can make that happen too!

Big and Small Orders

Everyone loves the big orders, so do we. Our experience includes successfully shipping quantities in the millions.

Many Asian Factories, in China especially, will be less than cooperative on smaller orders, regardless of the “big brand name” logo applied.

At BevSell, we are professional enough to know that outstanding customer support can mean taking the good with the “less exciting”, so we are happy to develop products to manufacture and ship small batches.

If you are not sure if we can produce the quantity you need? Ask us for a quote.

Multiple Product Lines in one order

Anyone can buy multiple products and consolidate the shipment.

Many buyers pay shipping companies a premium to consolidate at the shippers’ warehouse.

In most cases, we can consolidate very different products when loading the container at the factory, which typically saves significant costs and delays during shipping.

Different Production elements in one product

Many suppliers can incorporate very different technologies and process, if that is what they have set up to do.

Such as a teddy bear with electronics that make it talk, blink eyes, flash lights, etc…

It can often be difficult finding a supplier who can develop your new product with different elements.

Once you and your team has come up with the “latest great idea”, the challenge can be finding a supplier who can develop, manufacture and ship the product reliably and competitively, especially if involves different materials and manufacturing disciplines.

Bottle Glorifiers, mentioned above are a great example of a product which can get too difficult and complicated for many suppliers who will try to “dumb down” the product specification, to suit their limited production capabilities.

Some fairly simple products, clients have come to us for after their existing supply chain feel short include:

– Plastic liners in metal buckets
– Hats which double as watertight ice bucket / coolers
– Cooler bags with smart phone / MP3 speakers
– Ice boxes with cooler (12V plug in)
– Displays that can turn around a stationery bottle
– Displays that activate, change or respond differently as people approach
– “Video Carpet”
– ….and many more.

Contact us with your latest supply challenge and ask us to quote.


A BevSell é uma divisão da QPILtd (Quality Products International Limited). A QPI vem fornecendo produtos promocionais para pequenos produtores de artesanato, além de gigantes das bebidas, como a Heineken há muitos anos. A maioria dos nossos trabalhos passou por intermediários, como empresas promocionais e agências de anúncios .BevSell foi estabelecido para oferecer às empresas de bebidas um melhor negócio, com serviço direto de fábrica, confiável e confiável. O QPI é baseado na China, com suas origens remonta à produção dos produtos Floaties Learn to Swim na Ásia durante a década de 1960. É gerenciado por pessoal local e expatriado com ampla experiência em Produção e Controle de Qualidade na China e em toda a Ásia.